Person of a Certain Age

My new glasses came in this past week. Well, the replacement pair of glasses. The eye doctor somehow got my prescription wrong, by a lot, the first time.

What I have found, unfortunately, is the new glasses do not let me see far away. When driving, I can’t read a street sign until I am almost on it. My theory is the anti-glare coating somehow messes with the far vision. I’ll know more tomorrow when I call to ask what is going on.

My other working theory, also unfortunately, is that I may have reached that certain age when I need two sets of glasses. One for reading and working on the computer. The second for seeing while driving.

You know, one of those people who pulls glasses out of their front pocket while placing the other pair on top of their head. I truly hope it is still something that has to do with the lens themselves, as this is a newly found eye doctor, and so far I’m not too impressed.

I really don’t want to have to worry about carrying a second set of glasses everywhere, or even just when traveling away from home. The drive around my town won’t be too bad because I can store the driving glasses in the car and just learn to switch things out as I enter or exit my vehicle. But, if renting a car elsewhere, as we do like to travel, then it becomes a little more bothersome.

Who knew growing old could become so complicated?

As an aside, I’m going to take a little break from the daily blog for a short while. It will mean my blog count, according to WordPress will start over from zero, but I can live with that. The week will give me a little time to reorganize as I’ve decided I won’t be writing everyday now. My plan, as of this minute, is to write three separate blogs each with its own theme. One will be about cooking/baking exclusively. A second will be solely about politics. The third will still be frankbeingfrank as there is still enough drama in my life to spread the wealth.

I had mentioned this change might be coming in a post a few weeks ago when I hit the 365th blog day in a row milestone. At that time I wasn’t sure of my next steps after hitting that goal. Now I know.

Once everything is up and running, I’ll do a little cross-blog post to introduce each location. Each blog will get one post a week on a consistent schedule. I would like to invite you ahead of time to please subscribe and follow each as they come out.

More info to come soon.

Thank you for reading! Have a great week! See you soon!

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