Breaking Point?

In today’s America, we workers seem to be expected to continue to give, and give, and give some more, without any real return to us. That is, unless you count being able to keep our jobs. Mental health, physical health, just health in general, doesn’t seem to be a factor.

At what point do we, just as human beings, reach our breaking point? When do we say it just isn’t worth it anymore, no matter how gratifying the work may have used to be.

Is it working longer hours to ensure the work gets done without extra pay?

Is it working fewer irregular hours to keep us from receiving healthcare?

Is it being on call 24/7 due to having company phones and laptops?

Is it doing the work of two, three, or more people because hiring is hard to due to a less than ideal working environment or depressed wages?

Is it having task after task added to your duties under the “other duties as assigned” phrase on all job descriptions?

Is it being so tired all the time because of all of the above?

When, I wonder, will it be too much and we say enough is enough, and finally say enough is enough? Pay us for our skills and time, hire more people at a living and competitive wage, and remember we are but mere human beings not robots. Stop treating us as if we are dispensable.

How do we know we’ve hit our breaking point? More importantly, do we even get to have a breaking point anymore?

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