Republicans: It’s the Unvaccinated’s Fault

The hypocrisy is astounding!

When it all began, Covid-19 wasn’t serious. It was all under control.

Then it moved into it being a little serious. If one would just drink some bleach, or stick a wand in a certain place for ultraviolet light to treat it, all could be cured.

We moved on to it being a hoax, no need to worry. It would go away any day. Being anti-mask came around this same time, making public health a political statement. If you wear a mask, you must be a liberal Democrat hell-bent on controlling people.

All of that lead to those same people influencing citizens to think one, a vaccine was a conspiracy, and two, it is just a bad flu and we just need to reach herd immunity.

Now, all of those same Republican leaders, from Congress, to Governors, to local politicians are blaming those same anti-vaxer’s as the problem. It is because of those people unwilling to get vaccinated who are causing the spread of the highly contagious and fast spreading delta variant.

Those Republican leaders are not owning up to how they helped get us to this point of the start of another surge. They seem to believe they have no culpability in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people!

They assume no blame, but their lemming followers are at blame.

That, my friends, is the height of hypocrisy. Of which, those Republican leaders and elected officials should be both ashamed, and prosecuted for their part in this very foul joke and pull for power.

Go get vaccinated!

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