Are Neighborhood Gatherings a Thing of the Past?

Once our neighborhood began filling up, a neighbor decided we should have a Neighborhood Social Committee. She asked around and got it started with about seven people coming together. The hubby and I were two of the seven to show up.

That first year was a little light in activities as one might imagine, although we had some great ideas. We had a Meet and Greet, a Halloween celebration, and a Holiday House Decorating Contest with prizes. The Halloween event was the best attended.

This year we added in several events including a couple of yard sales, a Meet and Greet, a fundraiser bizarre, and a Multicultural Food Festival, among others.

Sadly, so far the gatherings have had low attendance. All have been outdoors. Before the vaccine we practiced social distancing and wore masks. Hand sanitizer was available. These precautions were announced to help ease any concerns. But still, attendance for the most part, outside of the Social Committee, is almost non-existent.

The events have been on different days of the week, different times of the day, spread out across times, and have taken holidays and such under consideration. All of this to no effect.

A couple of us were wondering this evening at the Multicultural Food Festival why the low attendance. Is it the day? Is it the time? Is it because some events are new? Is it the weather? Is it the pandemic?

Or, might it be that we are working to create something that is now a bygone era? Do people just want to cocoon? Has electronics taken over in terms of how we are now a social people?

I hope it is just that things are new and an abundance of caution due to the pandemic. The events are both enjoyable, and take a lot of planning and work.

Maybe there will be more attendees next time. Maybe it will eventually be our Field of Dreams, if we build it, they will come.

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