An Evening with My Mom

I drove to my mom’s place after work today. We had made plans to go out to dinner, Steak-N-Shake. Afterwords, we headed to the hotel for the evening. To give her a little stay-cation of sorts, I reserved a room for her as well. She can have a little time to herself and be away from home since she, like many of us, has been sheltering-in-place for the last year.

At the hotel, once checked and having dropped of our stuff, we went down to the lobby. It was a nice respite to just sit and talk.

We talked about the past, the present, the future. Looked at some pictures of people from long ago, and photos with silly poses. Some topics were heavy, others made us laugh. Just the right kind of evening.

Tomorrow we plan on driving a little south to visit a farm with a quilt barn. It is also supposed to have some fantastic gardens in full bloom. Should be another fun day of togetherness.

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