We Are Indentured Servants

It is a sad realization to discover most of us are indentured servants. I know, I know, we have free will. We get to make all of our decisions.

But, do we really?

How many of us would like to have a different job? How many of us would like to live in a different house? How many of us would like to start our own business? How many of us are actually able to do so?

The ones that can and do are often called lucky.

Think how differently our lives might be if there was universal basic income. What about truly affordable housing to purchase? Or even something as basic as health care?

We don’t have much, if any, of those things. We don’t have them mainly because of Republicans, and a little because of Democrats.

The Democrats are partly responsible because they are often afraid to go big. It is my opinion the Civil Rights Act scared them. In passing that Act, and other related laws, Democrats lost the south and haven’t gotten it back (for other reasons besides civil rights, but that is another blog post). They are afraid if they go big, they will lose the majority in the next election cycle. This fear keeps them from actually doing things that would get them re-elected in modern times.

The Republicans are mainly why we are all indentured servants to large and small businesses, organizations, and governmental entities. They do not want us to make a living wage. They do not want universal health care. They do not want us to become homeowners. They do not want us to receive universal basic income. It is their goal to keep us down.

The reason they want to keep us down, indentured, is it is easier to control us. When we have to worry about the next meal, the next rent payment, the next mortgage payment, the next illness, the next, the next, the next.

It is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We can’t worry about moving towards enlightenment if we have to worry about our basic needs. This means we pay less attention to politics, policy, and laws being passed and more attention to how to survive into the next day, the next week, the next month, and the next year.

As long as the Democrats continue to be lightweights, not fully standing up to the Republican agenda with gusto, and results—actual results are the key—we will remain indentured servants.

As long as we continue to allow the Republicans, through our voting, to act immorally and unethically without consequence, we will remain indentured servants.

I’m not sure about you, but the fight to move us forward is tiring, made more so because so many of us, even after the last four years of essentially being under authoritarian rule, seem to be okay with the moving on, letting the former guy, and his sycophants, to continue to run amok!

Please, can we all come together against a common cause to gain true freedom, free and fair elections, a free society, and a free country before we reach the tipping point of no return?

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