Application Submitted

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to do something. The application to be on our HOA Board was due today. For some reason I thought I had time, or maybe I was secretly wanting the deadline to pass.

Well, today at the HOA Transition Committee Meeting, one of the members asked if I was going to submit my application. I explained, which is accurate, I wasn’t sure yet. At that point, she reminded me the applications were due today; basically time was up to make a decision. I said I would set an alarm to complete it at 7:30. That time came and went, several times in fact, because there’s this thing called snooze the alarm. I snoozed the alarm at least eight times.

I still wasn’t quite sure.

When I got home after picking my youngest up from band camp, I found the postcard with the information. I grabbed my iPad. Then set it down to plant some new tomato plants, water them, set up the sprinkler for tomorrow, tested it to make sure it was getting water where I wanted it, checked on a meeting I had to schedule, sent the e-mail invite, and then picked up the iPad and postcard again.

This time I did finally bring up the website and entered my information.

It may seem I didn’t want to be on the Board. Actually, I’ve wanted to be on it from the beginning. I just don’t like losing, and definitely don’t like losing an election, which is in most ways, a popularity contest. Decided I would give it a shot, and if my neighbors, who have seen me out and about the neighborhood, believe I deserve to be on the Board, then they’ll vote me on the Board. If not, I’ll have some time back. Either way, win-win situation.

Here is the short bio I provided. Hopefully it will pass muster for the vote next month.

Wish me luck!

My name is Frank and I live in Phase 1 (address deleted for privacy sake).

Currently I am serving on the Social Committee and HOA Transition Committee, and help manage the neighborhood Band App.

Leadership experience includes being a former principal and am currently an Assistant Director with IDOE.

Many of you have probably seen us out and about walking our dog. I’m married 16 years and we have four children, and one grandson. I’m also an avid baker, and a pretty good cook.

I believe in our community. It is highly eclectic, vibrant, and culturally diverse. People are friendly and it just feels good to live here. My reason for wanting to be on the Board is to help maintain the atmosphere we have achieved, help us move into the next phase of maturing as a community, and of course, help keep our home values steady or increasing.

If you believe me to be a good fit for your vision of our neighborhood, I welcome your vote.


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