Had a Tart Today

It has been a very busy day. I don’t think, until this moment, I’ve had a chance to sit from about 9:00 this morning after getting off FaceTime with my mom.

Since I’ve had to be in the office more this past week, and now from here on out unless something drastic happens. Because of this mandate, I’m losing about 90-minutes of daily chore time and maybe a little more as I would, at times, use my lunch hour to get dough going or some other prep for later in the day.

There were a number of items on the do today list. Thankfully, I got all but one done. I was able to take two trees down that have needed to come down for two years. Although it took a little while, I placed a few more sections of edging, an arduous task due to the make-up of our soil.

The highlight of the day was making my first fruit tart. According to my resident expert, it was pretty good. The crust was tasty, as was the filling. However, and I wholeheartedly agree, the fruit itself was not as sweet as anticipated. A note for the next time is to think about the fruit to use, and to do the best to buy the fruit at its peak of sweetness.

My big hurray about the tart was it came out of the pan with no issues. I was afraid the bottom wouldn’t pull away as needed and would break while trying. It was the inaugural use of the pan and it performed as expected.

Here is a picture of the the finished product.

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