Insurance Industry Take Heed

Today at lunch time, I took our dog for a walk. The weather had started to clear up. Sunshine was breaking through the clouds. It was starting to warm up, and there was just a slight breeze. My blood pressure and stress went down.

After I ate, I started making a loaf of bread. No preservatives. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial additives. Just plain old flour, sugar, salt, olive oil, water, and yeast, plus a little bit of Italian seasoning for taste. A pretty healthy loaf of bread that will taste fantastic. Although I know it isn’t the healthiest thing to eat, I do know if I’m going to eat bread, and I am going to eat bread, this is the way to make it. My blood pressure and stress went down, and my health quotient went up.

When my work day ended, I did a tour of my vegetable garden. All in all, it isn’t doing too badly. Sadly, several of the plants I started indoors have either died, or haven’t taken off as yet. Those started directly from seeds are doing pretty good. In fact, since those started from seed seem to be doing well, I decided to just plant from seed the vegetables not fairing well overall. Time in my garden got my blood pressure and stress down, provided some exercise, and worked my brain as I thought through a problem and decided upon a solution. All of these are good for my body and soul.

Other things helping me feel better about life today was not having to get up early to make my commute. Being able to get a quick kiss from my dog after giving her a belly rub. Eating leftovers to save some money. Working on the puzzle, keeping my brain active. Even watching some beautiful finches eating at the feeder. All of these things kept my dopamine flowing, keeping me in a very good mood.

None of these would have been possible, at least to the same extent, had I had to go into the office today. The drive would have been dreary as it was raining hard all morning. No birds, no dog walk or kisses or belly rub, no making bread, less time in the garden, and no puzzling about the puzzle. Thus, less dopamine, thus more cortisol, equals less healthy, thus more long-term health issue possibilities.

I wonder why the insurance industry hasn’t been more vocal about allowing workers who are able to work from home, work from home. After all, they will continue to collect premiums, while lowering their costs. Healthier people mean less health costs they have to dole out. Less driving, especially during a rush hour, means fewer accidents, meaning more profit in pockets due to not having to replace cars or pay for uninsured drivers. Being at home more, means less burglaries since workers will be at home, which then stymies break-ins.

Where is the insurance industry when we need it? Have they not thought this through, or even thought of it at all? Same premiums, less payout, greater profits. Come on people, it isn’t rocket science! Time to chime in and help your bottom lines.

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