What to Make for the Graduation Party

My number three child is graduating in two days, and the graduation party is in three days. It isn’t going to be a large party for some obvious reasons, but a party nonetheless.

I’ve been thinking about what to make. It is a mid-afternoon time. Not really lunch time, not really dinner time. It’s the second snack time if one is a Hobbit.

We are definitely having a chocolate cake at their request. Probably a two-layer one with a little surprise between the layers. Ordered a topper today as I’ve really never tempered chocolate very much. I’ll also have to practice my best penmanship for any lettering I do.

It is the rest I’m bandying about.

In my Googling, I found some little desserts that look promising. There are cheesy things that look intriguing. A few types of sandwiches also look like fun; in fact, I’m pretty sure one of what I saw is going to show up on the table. There will have to be cookies thrown in as well.

What I have to remember is not to go too overboard. I have a habit of making too much, which is always better than too little. But my too much can be quite much. Not sure how many leftovers I want to have lying about.

I also have a request for a dessert I recently made to take to my nephew’s party on Monday. It will be a weekend of baking. Although, really, how different is that than my usual weekend?

Whatever I decide, I’ll take pictures to share.

Any suggestions before I get too far into the weeds?

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