Ignorance is Bliss

When we are young, we have not really a care in the world. In most instances, our family provides a roof over our heads, food on our plates, clothes on our backs. Hopefully, there is also plenty of love to go around.

As we grow older, we become a little more aware of the world around us, but only to the extent we pay attention. Generally, we didn’t pay attention to politicians, public policy, or elections. Our world consisted of our family, friends, school, and a job during the teen years.

When we went out on our own, the world opened up a little bit more. If we move to a new place, or a larger city, hopefully we got to know a larger circle of people, different cultures, ethnicities, and/or nationalities. If we stayed near home, hopefully we started to become more well read and enlarged our circle of friends.

As we got to know the larger world, hopefully we also started to empathize with the problems others faced, especially for people of different races.

However, we also had the choice of keeping to our same circle, not reading, not paying attention to politics, not participating in elections, and basically continuing the status quo.

In some ways, staying in our little circle, and only worrying about our small part of the world, can make for a happier life.

If you are a wonderer, and you move to a place far different than where you were raised, and you expand your circle of friends, and you start paying attention to how politicians affect almost every part of our lives directly or indirectly, and we see the inequities and inequalities of our society, it can be both bring great joy and great despair.

Once the genie is out of the bottle though, you can’t go back. You either have to work to make society a good place for everyone, or do nothing, meaning you are okay with the status quo. One can’t be both woke and silent at the same time.

There are times when it would be easier to not know, and in not knowing, not caring or worrying, thus ignorance is bliss.

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