GQP Wins Again

I just don’t understand. It is the whole tell it to me like I’m a kindergartener again. The Democrats have the majority in the House, the Senate, and have the Presidency. And yet, with all of that power, they don’t seem to be able to really do anything for the American people…at least so far. Yes, it has only been two months, but for some of that time, the Democrats have squandered time actually taking the power the people gave to them, and then squandered time trying to negotiate with the opposing party of insurrectionists and obstructionists.

They are taking a long minute to get through hearings on Cabinet members. Then, they have allowed one of their own to derail a qualified candidate over a couple of tweets. Finally, they are allowing the opposing party to slow down the pick for Attorney General, Merrick Garland, which right now is the most important Cabinet member needed. Do the Democrats not realize the domestic terrorist groups like 3%, Proud Boys, and Qanon are working to destroy our country from within?

It seems like the GQP is still in charge. They have derailed Cabinet picks as described above. They are winning the narrative over the January 6 insurrection, essentially reducing it to being no big deal, let’s forgive and forget all in the name of unity. The Democrats have also allowed the GQP to denigrate and disrespect Senate staff with the requirement of reading the entirety of the National Relief Act, just for spite and to further delay helping the American people.

Unfortunately, Senator Schumer is not able to keep his caucus in line in the way Speaker Pelosi is able to do. He has allowed two democratic senators to essentially side with the GQP. Just today he wasn’t able to keep eight of his caucus on the side of the American people when they voted against raising the minimum wage to $15/hour (and one of them helped derail a cabinet pick).

Everyday Senator Schumer tweets how relief is coming. The Democrats are going to pass the National Relief Act to help us. Yet, he has already lost the minimum wage hike and reduced the number of people who will receive a relief check. What next, the check going from a measly $1,400 to something that will even be less helpful.

I’m not sure why Senator Schumer doesn’t act like he is in charge of the Senate. It feels like he just wants his current position of power for the next 22 months, because if he doesn’t step up to actually lead and begin to accomplish something, McConnell will once again be majority leader. We, the electorate, gave our time, our money, and our votes to bring the Majority Leader, and the Democratic Party, into the majority.

I hope they don’t let us down.

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