Just Can’t Quit Him

After the Inauguration, how many of us thought we would be able to go a few days, or even a week, without hearing about the former guy? I thought a couple of days would be possible, a week would be icing on the cake.

Alas, I don’t think I’ve been able to go even a single day, nay, a single hour of news without hearing his name, seeing his likeness, viewing a clip, or having a quote read about him. The media just doesn’t seem to be able to quit him. The former guy gets much more media attention than the current President still. And the current President is actually doing his job, and having successes in bringing us back from the brink.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve actually taken to just turning off the news program as soon as the former guy is the main story. This means I’m watching less television (not necessarily a bad thing). Surely I’m not the only one doing so. We changed things up so we wouldn’t have to hear about the former guy constantly.

Are there a lot of us tuning out and switching channels at the mention of the former guy? Part of my plan is also to do the same for anyone associated with perpetuating the Big Lie. I wonder if media is paying attention. Will it matter? Will ratings go down? Will ad revenue decline? Will they make a shift?

In reality, there doesn’t need to be the continual free publicity for the former guy. All it does is stoke his ego. After all, any press is good press for him as then he gets the satisfaction of knowing he is still controlling the media. He practically owns them because they can’t move on from daily news about him. When he dominates the narrative, then the current administration is not being discussed, which means we don’t get to hear of the successes of the Biden administration.

Each time he is talked about, and why he is being featured, it helps continue the narrative of the Big Lie. This then reinforces what so many fellow Americans, sadly, believe to be truth based upon lies and conspiracy. Which when this happens, helps continue the narrative Biden is not our president. No one associated with the former guy and his administration, along with any current elected official, should be booked on any show, or allowed to remain on the air, unless, and only unless, they answer in the affirmative when the first question of them is, “Did Joe Biden win the election in a free and fair election?,” and then acknowledges Biden’s presidency. If the guest can’t answer in the affirmative and makes the statement, then the host says, “Buh bye,” and disconnects from the guest before moving on.

Now, there is a time to hear about the former guy. Really the only news we need to hear about him is when he is arrested, and when he is convicted. Otherwise, we don’t need to know anything more about him.

Who agrees?

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