New Recipes

I’ve been subscribing to different cooking and baking magazines over the years. Every once in a while a dinner recipe would catch my eye. We’d give it a try and the recipe would go off into the netherworld never to be seen or tried again.

Recently that began to change. I was reading Southern Cast Iron and several recipes jumped out at me. I’ve always enjoyed cooking in my cast iron skillet. So, I tore up some subscription cards to use as bookmarks, and made my shopping list.

I started doing this routine about a month ago. Since then, we’ve had turnips in butter, chicken with mustard-cream sauce, Mexican chicken patties with roasted tomato sauce, parsnips and pears, apple cider pork, and the most difficult, but oh so delicious, hearty beef braciole with penne pasta.

The hearty beef braciole was inspired by Papa Joe and Papa Rob. Papa Joe had made it for their dinner and sent a picture. Once I saw the picture it jogged my memory of seeing it in Cook’s Illustrated. His looked so good, the picture in the magazine looked so good, so I decided to jump in to give it a try.

The dish turned out very nicely and delicious. However, it took much longer than what the directions said. That evening—usually we eat around 6:00—we didn’t eat until around 7:30. Note to myself after was to make sure to have all ingredients on hand (my patient husband had to grab a couple of things I thought I had in the fridge). Mis en place is most important to make a process go more smoothly, and more timely.

Following this plan also got me to use my set of ramekins. Sadly, I admit, I had never used them prior to today—think I’ve had them for about 10 years. This morning I made mini tomato-herbed frittatas in them for breakfast. Now I’ll have to use those poor ramekins more often so they don’t feel left out anymore.

When I try a recipe for the first time, I always follow it exactly. If it is a keeper, I add it into my Paprika recipe app. Part of the process is, following the lead of my friend, Amy, adding notes of anything that I would change to up the flavor the next time, and of course, anything I need to do differently when making it again.

Now, back to the recipes to see what’s next.

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