Morally Bankrupt

We known it for a long time as we watched the slide downward starting as far back as Bush II. No, as far back as Reagan. It is just in the last four years have we seen how far the trumpublicans, formerly known as the Republicans have fallen.

The signs have been there for a while. How they allowed us to die in Viet Nam even when they knew it was a war we could not win. How they brokered the fall of unions causing the decline of the middle class. How they knew bin Laden was intent on flying planes into buildings and did nothing. How they gave free rein to Wall Street and almost collapsed the markets around the world. How they work harder and harder for people of color to vote. How they locked innocent babies and children in cages. How they took us so deep in debt so rich people and large corporations could have tax breaks. How they made mask wearing and Covid into a political statement and hoax. How they supported lie after lie after lie.

And today they made attacking the seat of government by force something one can get a pass on committing. While, mind you, at the same time blaming the Democrats for not submitting the Articles of Impeachment to the senate while it was in recess. Then saying they can’t try the twice impeached former president now because he is no longer in office due to the delay McConnell did in not calling the senate back into session. Then voted against convicting the twice impeached former president for inciting sedition. Then gave a speech on the senate floor saying the twice impeached former president was in fact guilty of inciting an insurrection. THEN again blaming the Democrats for not submitting the Articles of Impeachment sooner.

Morally bankrupt may be too nice a term in describing McConnell, his sycophants, and the trumpublicans.

All I can really say is thank you to the majority of voters in Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, and Florida for electing such morally, spiritually, and ethically, bankrupt human beings.

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