We Now Have Big Lie #2

First we had the original Big Lie. We all know it is the one told by the trumpublicans stating President Biden did not actually win. They believe the election was stolen, even though all Secretaries of States certified election results, a cybersecurity expert said we had the safest election in history, the former Attorney General said there were no election irregularities, and over 60 lawsuits and 92 judges appointed by both Democrats and Republicans ruled there was no election fraud. This is Big Lie #1.

Now we have Big Lie #2 from the trumpublicans. This one hasn’t really been called Big Lie #2 yet, but it is another Big Lie.

The trumpublicans now want us to believe the Impeachment Trial is unconstitutional, along with trying to tell us since the former president is no longer in office, he can’t be tried either way.

What they aren’t saying is the reason he is being tried after he is no longer in office is because Minority, then Majority, Leader McConnell sent the senate home for a recess rather than getting down to business. He thought it more important to take a vacation rather than handle an administration that incited an insurrection, the attack on the Capitol in which white domestic terrorist were out for blood. Think gallows to hang former Vice President Pence and a bullet to the head of Speaker Pelosi, as was cried on social media and from videos coming out of the violence.

This means the trumpublicans didn’t want to do the right thing in bringing justice and accountability to the then lame duck, and now want to try and bow out of bringing justice and accountability for the same person. A person who has rarely been held accountable for his previous actions appears to be on track to once again not be held accountable, which is disgraceful.

For some reason the trumpublicans don’t seem to realize, as much as they secretly want to be rid of the thorn in their side, the only way to do that is to truly and fully look at the evidence, which is quite clear to anyone paying attention, and convict him of his crime. Then, they can censure and prevent him from running against them in the future. It will also begin the process of excising him from their party and go back to being regular Republicans.

Will the former lame duck make a big stink in the short term? Of course! But, the length of time he remains relevant will be quite short as his name is mentioned less and less. He is truly only relevant as long as the trumpublicans and Republicans allow him to be. As much as I want him to keep pulling them down, allowing him to remain relevant puts our country, our democracy, our way of life in imminent danger.

If there are any true Republicans left, they need to put their grown-up pants on and act in the best interest of the country, which then helps them have a greater potential to remain in office. To remain tethered to white supremacists and domestic terrorist will have long-term effects on their party. Unfortunately, remaining tethered also brings the country down.

The question is, are the Republicans the party of Lincoln, or are they now fully trumpublicans from here on out?

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