The supporters and spreaders of the Big Lie are now shouting loudly, and often, from the rafters, “We must have Unity!”

Never mind they, the trumplicans, are attempting to circle the wagons to protect several of their own from being held accountable for supporting and spreading the Big Lie. They want us to forgive and forget. To forgive and forget they helped foment a mob to attack the Capitol and call for the blood of members of Congress and the Vice President.

They would have us pretend we haven’t been subjected to a year of attempts to suppress and deny voters the right to cast their vote. To somehow wisp away any thoughts of the many frivolous lawsuits attempting to toss votes to the wayside. Finally ending with wanting to object to the tally of the Electoral College votes, a last attempt to again, overthrow the will of the people.

All of us want Unity. We’ve had far more than enough divisiveness over the last four years, nay, even longer than just four years. But, we can not have unity without justice and accountability.

Those who have perpetuated the Big Lie must face and accept the consequences of their actions. They must also apologize, speak the truth about the Big Lie, and then in the case of some, such as Cruz, Hawley, Boebart, and Taylor Greene, resign. They must also convict the lame duck for his part in sedition and the attack on the Capitol.

Until there is accountability and justice, there can be no unity. I sincerely hope the Biden/Harris administration understands this.

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