50 States + DC

It has been almost a week since white supremacists stormed the Capitol Building. Five people died during that violent riot, one a law enforcement officer who was brutally murdered, and four insurrectionists. We are seeing people being arrested or placed on no-fly lists, and hearing them whining about the fact they are being treated this way.

It is very surreal to think about that day. Watching more and more footage of what was happening. Of an officer being squashed between the police and the invaders. Of people convincing officers to step aside, then breaking windows, then a shot fired. Of people breaking windows and entering the building. Of taking down the American Flag and replacing it with a Trump flag. Of a line of men, in what appears to be military gear, walking in formation together towards the entrance.

Yet, we had to continue working, making dinner, going to sleep. Getting up the very next day, still processing the day before, and going to work. Sports continuing. Shopping continuing, College football championship game continuing, Life continuing. Politicians still not taking the insurrection seriously enough, but calling for unity.

It is surreal that our everyday lives continue while hate groups, trumplicans, white supremacists, are planning more violence, and planning in the open.

Earlier today the FBI issued a warning that all 50 state capitals and the District of Columbia are in danger. These same groups are planning on a repeat of the insurrection at the Capitol Building across our country and our Capitol adding to the surrealism. It is hard to process what has, and is, happening in our country right now.

I’ve written about what has been happening, and how we’ve gotten here, including the infiltration of the ranks of those who have sworn to obey the law. I’ve written about how these groups have been doing practice runs over the past year to perfect their plans. I’ve written many things about complacency by we the people.

And yet it still all seems so surreal. It feels like things are moving so slowly to take action against the insurrectionists. Even more slowly against the one who caused it to happen, the lame duck, both directly and indirectly with his rhetoric, which we could see in plain sight. Based on the recordings of things he has said and done that been been release, who knows what he was, and is, doing directly behind closed doors.

The most surreal is watching and listening to Congressional Members who were in direct harm’s way, continuing to support the lame duck. Still singing his praises. They have to know the lame duck has no empathy or support for any of his trumplican followers, and wouldn’t have cared not a whit if any of them had perished by the hands of the insurrectionists. No thought or even an afterthought. He just doesn’t care.

So why, followers of the lame duck, are you still standing up for him, supporting him, and refusing to hold him accountable for his insurrection?

Are you really willing to offer your life in service to him? If so, I take pity on you for thinking so little of yourself, and so little for your family, that you would lose your dignity over a man who cares so little for you and for our country.

I invite you to find your morals, your values, and your integrity, and vote to impeach, remove, and sanction the lame duck, and to do it now before it is too late.

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