Apparently Impeachment Isn’t A Priority After All

My bubble has been popped.

I was certain since the Democrats in the House hadn’t put Articles of Impeachment on the floor for vote before I went to bed, I’d wake up to read the House had stayed late into the night to vote. After all, so many Democrats were saying all day yesterday they would vote for impeachment. They were saying the lame duck must be removed before he did something even more dangerous and destructive to our democracy, our Republic.

And yet, it has been two days since the Capitol Building was breached by domestic terrorists, an officer was killed, and the mob was allowed to leave without arrest. Still no vote by the House!

It is almost as if the sense of urgency, the priority, really isn’t so much of one after all. Maybe, rather than actually leading, showing the world we will not stand for this type of behavior by our citizens, nor a president, they can just let the clock run out. The Democrats can be like the trumplicans, yell and cry democracy is in danger, send us some money so we can stop it, but not really stop the danger.

The Democrats are not listening to the majority, nor fully understanding what is at stake. Isn’t that their modus operandi, talk loudly, but carry a little stick?

If Speaker Pelosi, and the Democrats truly want to help the country, to help us heal, to help us move forward, to help us put this dark moment in the past, then she, and the entire Democratic Party, need to get off of their, pardon my language, asses, and take tangible action.

Speaker Pelosi, get your people back in Washington tonight and vote on the Articles of Impeachment. If you don’t, then you are as complicit in what happens next by the lame duck, his followers, and his elected trumplicans.

Do. Your. Job!

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