153 Seditionists

Yesterday there were only 152 seditionists. Rather than some of them coming to their senses, another person added their name to the list of trumplicans who will contest the Electoral College votes.

Essentially, when they do this on Wednesday, it means they are saying the courts are wrong, the Secretary of States are wrong, Governors are wrong, and we the voters are wrong.

All of us are wrong, not wrong because of anything actually being done incorrectly, but because we all voted the wrong way, and then those wrong votes were certified within each of the swing states, and the states that flipped from red to blue.

What is wrong is how bad the lame duck is as a loser of the election. What is wrong is how bad the American Bar Association is in policing its members. What is wrong is bad our courts are in hearing frivolous lawsuits? What is wrong is how bad our law schools are in teaching students about the law and the Constitution. What is wrong is how weak the FTC is in regulating media lies. What is wrong is a party that is ready to hand over our government to an autocrat. What is wrong is how easy it is to dupe millions of people. What is wrong is how millions of people seem to have lost the ability to think critically. What is wrong is the tolerance white, mostly men, to openly carry machine guns around and into government buildings. What is wrong is these things have been building for years without our elected leaders doing something to stop it.

I still have faith Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in on January 20, 2021. I have faith things will get better. What I don’t have faith in is the underlying systems that have allowed us to get to this point will actually get fixed.

I don’t have faith underlying systems will be fixed because I don’t believe the Democrats have the will, nor the politically acuity, to make things right. Biden has been strongly hinting he just wants to move on, but Democrats always just wanting to move on has been their part in helping us get to this point in history.

Hopefully they will prove me wrong. Hopefully they will make big decisions, take big risks, institute a big vision, and will hold the seditionists accountable.

I’m not holding my breath though. Are you?

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