Did you know, at least after first being elected, the lame duck had private security protecting him in addition to the Secret Service? There was an apparent agreement the private security could not be armed and the Secret Service were in the driver’s seat. Whether this is still the case or not, I wasn’t able to discover.

As the lame duck continues to try and overturn the election results of several states, he seems, by many reports, to be looking at other options being floated by his sycophants. Things like declaring martial law, somehow forcing a redo of the election in the swing states and Georgia where he lost, to calling on the military to keep him in office.

So far, the courts have held off his attempts at throwing out millions of votes against him, the U.S. Attorney General has said there was no issue with voting machines, and the head of cyber security has stated the 2020 Presidential Election was one of the safest ever.

Yet, I am not convinced the lame duck will not ignore the Constitution and do any and everything to remain in office as dictator and supreme leader. If I hadn’t read about the private security detail protecting him, or the private security he uses at his rallies to quash any protesting, or the acts of clemency for several former Blackwater employees, I would feel this is all a bunch of hot air.

However, we all are pretty sure the lame duck is, at a minimum, a Russian sympathizer based on his actions and words over the past four years on anything Putin/Russian related. How far fetched is it to believe on January 20 at noon, the lame duck refuses to leave, the private security detail just happens to be armed that day, and they force the Secret Service out of the White House?

How far fetched is it, as we examine what has happened just in the last year, that our military and law enforcement agencies haven’t been infiltrated by lame duck sympathizers and white supremacists, over the last 20 years, let alone the past four years? How far fetched is it to think they haven’t worked their way up the ranks to be commanding officers? How far fetched is it to believe these commanding officers won’t follow an unlawful and unconstitutional order since their allegiance would be to the lame duck, not the Constitution?

We have already seen some examples of this during the Black Lives Matter protests where police officers were violent towards peaceful protesters just to be violent. More and more police cams are coming out as evidence of quotas or wanton aggression towards anyone at a protest.

We have already seen an example from the military with the clearing of the street in front of the White House for the lame duck to walk to a church for a photo op. At least one military commander participated and military style tactics were used against protesters, such as the military helicopter hovering over them with the wind from the blades forcing people back for no reason.

We have already seen an example of private, and government, unmarked forces in Portland with protesters. What they were willing to do was in full view during live reporting of the events unfolding in that city.

We have already seen the flashing of the white power symbol by those entrusted to protect us—police, military, and military school students.

My worry is, are there enough officers and commanders willing to obey their oath to serve and protect, to defend the Constitution, and to defend against all enemies—foreign and domestic, when given an order to do otherwise?

Have we been infiltrated? If so, to what degree?

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