Oh to Be a Fly on the Wall

The Supreme Court of the United States finally came out a few minutes ago to essentially say they were not going to hear the Texas v Michigan/Wisconsin/Pennsylvania/ Georgia case. Since it took so long to do so, I’m wondering what the dialogue was behind those big closed doors.

Did some of the Justices think they should take the case? Did some want to take the case to hear the arguments as a precedent setting, ultimately ruling states could sue one another over election results or states couldn’t sue another over election results? Did they debate over the wording of the refusal to hear the case? My biggest wonder is if there was any discussion about how the trumplicans want an authoritarian government and what role the courts might have under such a government? Did Chief Justice Roberts lay out how the only thing standing between the lame duck and a coup was them? Did he also argue how to give in to this farce of a lawsuit would diminish, if not end, the respect still shown to the rule of law and the Judicial System? Inquiring minds want to know.

After hearing the Court was refusing the case, my immediate next thought was what are the trumplicans going to do next to try and steal the presidential election? Will they call for insurrection among the people, causing even more damage to the thread our democracy is hanging by at the moment? Will their rhetoric enrage a certain type of person who will then actually go on a murderous rampage to eliminate the Electoral College delegates? Will every single trumplican governor and legislatures begin to work even harder to suppress future non-white voters?

My final thought was of the lame duck. What rage did his two-year-old maturity fly into when he was told “his” justices had refused to stand up for him? What will he now do to damage our country out of pure spite? What secrets might he plot to give to our enemies for the right price? Will he come out and tell the white supremacist terrorist groups it is no longer time to just stand by?

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Supreme Court, the trumplican meeting rooms and homes, and the Oval Office and residence.

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