Cookie Decisions

As the days fly by towards the holidays, I need to make some decisions about what cookies to bake as my presents this year. Things to keep in the back of my mind are some need to be gluten-free and others diabetic friendly without sacrificing taste. Another major factor is will they freeze and travel well as some collections will have to be shipped cross-country.

I know I’m going to include Papa Joe’s Italian Christmas and Pinwheel cookies. Those are just two staples that are must haves because they taste so good.

The others, which take a bit longer than most, are decorated sugar cookies. I even bought a couple of actual holiday cookie cutters for this year. Those shapes will be added to a couple of the tried and true I already have in the cabinet.

It is the last few I’m not sure of right now. I’ve always gotten great reviews on my peanut butter cookies. My brownies are also requested, but are they outside the cookie sphere? Chocolate chip seems just too obvious. The last time I made oatmeal raisin someone said they would’ve paid for them. No-bakes I’ve made have garnered requests for more. Maybe snicker doodles? Might I try actual gingerbread boys and girls for the first time? Madelines are an option, but I don’t know how well they will freeze and travel.

There are a couple recipes I’ve seen in my latest baking magazines I’d like to try. The Jam Thumbprints look fun. Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies look tasty—maybe in place of peanut butter cookies? The Spiral cookies just look so festive.

But, do I make them and take the risk of sending less tasty cookies? Oh decisions, decisions!

What are some of your favorites for the holidays?

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