Why I Voted Biden/Harris

A friend, who supports the incumbent, made mention of Biden supporters never saying why they are voting for him, just putting down the incumbent. I will freely admit I would most likely have voted for any Democrat in order to remove the want-to-be authoritarian from office. Even as an imperfect country, I do not want my country going down the path of Facism and division.

Yesterday day I voted for Biden, and every single Democrat I could up and down the ticket. It felt good, a bit of a catharsis to all that is happening around me. In fact, I had one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years last night. A bit of a relief I had done my part to help end the nightmare within which we are living.

I voted for Biden for my daughter. She, and no female, should be looked at, nor treated, as a second class citizen. Her voice should be heard. She should be able to go into whatever profession she chooses. She should be paid at the same rate as a man in the same position doing the same duties. As an adult, she should be able to make choices about her body. She should not hear a president, or any man, saying it is okay to grab her sexually, nor grab her sexually, in any manner without her express permission.

I voted for Biden for myself, my husband, my family, my gay and lesbian family and friends, and my transgendered friends. Our love should not be denigrated, nor up for discussion as to its legality anymore than heterosexuals. Our marriage should be not the subject of whether it should, or should not, be permissible. Our civil rights should not be at the whim of elected officials or judges. Nor should we be subject to hate crimes.

I voted for Biden for democracy. Everyone should be able to vote in the manner in which they choose, by mail or in person. Everyone should be able to vote without standing in line for hours. Everyone should be automatically registered at the age of 18. Everyone who has done their time for a crime should be able to vote upon release. Everyone should remain on the registered voter roles even if they have chosen not to vote in many years. Everyone should be able to use any form of picture ID to vote.

I voted for Biden because he believe black lives, and people of color’s lives, matter. He recognizes we have an issue with racism and wants to work towards equality for all. He denounces white supremacy, QAnon, and other terrorist and conspiracy theory organizations.

I voted for Biden because he believes in the social safety net for those in need. He believes healthcare is a right. He believes in seniors having social security and Medicaid.

I voted for Biden because I believe he will work to heal the country, to bring us together, help states with mitigating Covid-19, bring the economy back, be a president for everyone whether they voted for him or not, improve our standing on the world stage, help us become a beacon of light for democracy and human rights.

I voted for Biden because I believe him to be a decent human being. Someone who will help bring joy back to our nation, show us what a loving family looks like, show us he wants to serve not increase his wealth draining the treasury, and tell jokes that aren’t cruel or incite violence towards another.

I voted for Biden, and other Democrats, because enough is enough, and hope you will do the same for similar reasons.

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