Listen to the Words

I have always loved words. Friday spelling tests were well worth the wait. Misspelled words, especially in classrooms are a pet peeve of mine. Which is why some words of late have been most intriguing.

“Person, woman, man, camera, TV?” These words made the most “powerful” man in the world seem the fool.

“Stand back and stand by,” sent millions of Americans into shock and fear when the incumbent uttered them during the first debate.

“I’m speaking,” spoke to the heart of most women around the world, recognizing a common way men, as a generality, treat women every day.

“Will you shut up, man?,” made many of us look at one another incredulously, wondering if we had actually heard Biden say it, and then, at least inwardly, cheered Biden because so many of us have wanted to say those exact words the past four years. It upped his street creed instantly.

“Speech, religion, press, assembly. What am I missing?,” was uttered by Amy Coney Barrett when asked about the five freedoms of the First Amendment. These are things one would expect to just roll the tongues of even first year law students.

And finally, “the good old days of segregation,” was said by Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina today as part of a question asked of Amy Coney Barrett during the confirmation hearing. Freudian slips really tells a lot about a person.

If we just stop and listen to the actual words being said, especially by those in positions of power, we would find out a great deal about a person.

What one says can be as equally important as what one does. Words matter like votes matter. Be careful with both as they make one’s own life, and the lives of others, better or worse.

I invite you join me, to the best of our ability, to use our secret weapon to do good. Good for ourselves, and good for the commons.

Words are powerful.

Use them sensibly. Use them purposefully. Use them powerfully.

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