Where is the Condemnation?

Did I miss it? Did any trumpists (formerly known as Republicans) come out and condemn what happened in Michigan?

It was heartening to see the FBI is still doing what they do best, investigating and finding the bad guys. They did a fantastic job of routing out domestic terrorist in time to stop what could have become a horrific incident. Their excellent expertise infiltrated and arrested a group of terrorists who were intent on doing harm to Governor Whitmer of Michigan.

Was anyone else suddenly, and chillingly, more afraid than we have been at hearing this news? Have we sunk so far into the abyss that we have groups of domestic terrorists plotting to do harm to politicians? What else are they plotting at this time that may be going under the radar with so many of these groups now active in our country?

My question is, with all of this happening, specific to Michigan, where is the condemnation of these actions? To my knowledge, and please feel free to prove me wrong, no one on the other side of the aisle from the Senate, from the House, from the White House, from religious leaders, from anyone in the cult of the incumbent has condemned this incident or groups like this one. Am I wrong in this assessment? Has McConnell or Graham or Pompeo or the incumbent?

Do none of these people still have any conscience, any integrity, any dignity? Apparently not, none of them condemned, and the incumbent actually berated Governor Whitmer, trying to blame her for the actions of these terrorists, and was upset he didn’t get any credit when “his” Justice Department foiled the plot (Note: the Justice Department belongs to the people, not a president, no matter who is sitting in the Oval Office.)

The events of the past few days, kidnapping, COVID-19 in the White House, and an out-of-control incumbent are all red flares of how urgent it is we vote all of them out of office.

As I have been repeating often lately, make sure you have a plan to vote. Make sure you vote. When you vote, vote blue up and down the ballot.

There are more of us who have had enough. If we all get out and vote, we can take our country back and restore our dignity, our morals, and our reputation.


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