The Day the Notorious RGB Died

Listening to the radio today on the way to pick up my son, Joy Reid was talking about the Supreme Court, vacancies, and would a replacement be made. It hit me this meant someone had died. It next hit me of please don’t let it be Ginsburg.

I was stopped at a stop sign and pulled out my phone to see what the news was via Twitter. The first tweet was about #RIPRGB. I will admit that I let out an expletive that I usually don’t utter because I just felt like we were truly, insert word I said, now. Can the universe please stop sending us all these things that are pushing us towards living in a dictatorship?

As a family member said today, “2020 is Evil!” It is as if the Devil himself has set-up shop below us and just won’t let up. We have trumpism. We have a corrupt attorney general. We have white supremacists openly expressing their racism. We have a tanked economy. We have a pandemic. And now, we have the loss of an icon, a person of character, and someone who has fought for the rights of us all, especially on gender issues.

The evening has been hard. The air blown out from under our wings. Feeling utterly and completely deflated. And, terrified.

We all must now take action, as I’ve said over and over again, to fight for our country and our rights. The loss of Justice Ginsburg is a supreme loss to our country for she has influenced, and helped bring about, true change in how people are treated in our country.

We all must now take action, and make sure you make and execute your voting plan. Your vote matters ever so much more today as the courts are where our rights are upheld, and we need a Congress that will vote for us, not vote to support big business and billionaires.

We all must now take action by donating to at least, as I did this evening in honor of Justice Ginsburg, to Amy McGrath to defeat Mitch McConnell, Sara Gideon to defeat Susan Collins, Jaime Harrison to defeat Lindsey Graham, Rev. Warnock to defeat Tommy Tuberville, John Hickenlooper to defeat Cory Gardner, MJ Hegel to defeat John Cornyn, and Joe Biden to defeat the current man in the Oval Office. I invite, might even say challenge, you to join me in helping out as money does talk and we need to speak loudly and often.

We all must now take action by calling our senators, Democrat or Republican or trumpist, to say they must not vote on a nominee until after a new president is sworn in and installed on January 20, 2021.

We all must now take action, not let our fear, our anxiety, our terror cause us to become numb, paralyzed, or apathetic to the fight we have ahead of us.

We all must now take action to honor the life and accomplishments of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Notorious RGB.

We must now take action!

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