The Covid Must Be Over

It has been a long six months, and the Covid must be over!

I can finally go see my grandson because it is safe to fly again. My masks can be retired. The husband and I can go out on a date night again to have dinner out. I’m looking forward to my first post-Covid movie at the theater. Feels like its time for a dessert party to have friends and neighbors over. Our high schoolers will finally be able to attend school every day. And my senior will get to have the year he was expecting.

By now I’m sure you are wondering what in the world is he talking about? How do I know the Covid is over and what did you miss that I saw? Simple observation skills.

If you take a look around, you’ll see the signs Covid is over. We’ve come to accept there will be 1,000-ish people dying everyday from Covid. It’s just a number after all. The main stream media and social media tell us the statistics every 24-hours. We know how many total cases. How many deaths. Our positivity rate at the local level. It’s just numbers, not people with families.

Most of the deaths are our senior citizens. They’ve lived a long life, most of us still have ours ahead of us. The kids might still get it, but you know, they don’t get it too bad anyway.

Since it’s really just a statistical number now, and the scientists don’t seem to know what we really should do to stop the virus. Many of our national leaders, and a lot of local ones, are telling us we’re fine, not a big deal.

If you walk around your town, you’ll see large gatherings of families and friends, weddings, parties and such with no masks and no social distancing. If you go to the store, people aren’t wearing masks, or if they do, its around their chins or just covering their mouths. School is back in session, bands are marching, and we have our Friday night football games back. Lots of people are dining out, bars are open, and of course, there is the need to get to the beach while the tanning weather lasts.

Covid is over for all practical purposes. The war has been lost because so many battles were bungled in the beginning.

The Federal Government dismissed Covid as a hoax, dismissed the science, and went out of their way to neuter the CDC and NIH. State governments couldn’t really get it together to not only mandate shelter-in-place orders, and were fairly willy-nilly with mask wearing in terms of mandating them, but not enforcing the mandates; states also couldn’t find the time to cooperate as a collective in lieu of a national plan, which essentially meant we were doomed from the beginning. Local governments, in a lot of places, were hamstrung by state policies. Stores just couldn’t be bothered to act as a collective in mandating masks, social distancing, and limited customers occupancies; and unfortunately, the few that did had employees that were harassed and harangued by selfish self-centered trumpists, and chose not to call the police when the now trespassers continue the harassment or refused to leave.

To the many thousands who believed a politician, who is not a scientist, over Dr. Fauci, and many other well-respected and highly reputable scientists, you have brought us to the end. You seem perfectly fine with 200,000, 400,000, or even 2,000,000 deaths as long as you don’t have to wear a mask and are able to lead your lives as you deem fit. After all, it’s just another hoax in a long line of hoaxes, and the Covid will disappear right after the election anyway.

There is some truth to that last statement, especially if the current administration is re-elected. If we test less, we don’t know who actually has the virus to spread it around, and with no testing, when somebody dies it isn’t the Covid, they died due to respiratory failure. When we ignore what is in front of us to fit the narrative of das leader, then a miracle will occur and we can live our lives in peace and safety.

If you get sick, well, “It is what it is!”

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