My Evening in the Kitchen

Over the weekend we went on a little shopping spree. One of the stores we went to was Steinmart (which, unfortunately, is closing down for good nationwide). There were some good sales, and we partook of them.

Although their main product is clothes, they do have a few odds and ends, such as toys and a small assortment of kitchenware, including some baking pans. You know the baking pans got my attention! And, of course, I had to buy one. Well, it is actually two, but they work as one.

One pan is essentially a mini loaf pan, which becomes the top when baking. The second part of the set is also a mini loaf pan, with a twist. It has a slightly raised bottom that, when batter is placed in it, becomes a well for filling after baked. You can add fruit, candy, pudding, or a different kind of icing.

I was in a baking mood this evening and had to break the pans in. The batter was pound cake, the filling a blueberry compote, and a chocolate buttercream icing as part of the filling and the top icing. Feeling fancy, I even trotted out the pipping bag and a fancy tip.

Also in a sharing mood, I made four for us and four for a neighbor. We dropped it off to her and her family on our way to an errand. Hopefully they enjoyed it as dessert this evening.

Here is a picture of the finished product.

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