I’ve Made My Decision

For the past few days I’ve been debating myself over the trumpism National Convention (TNC) (formerly known as the Republican National Convention). It has been a back and forth conversation over whether to watch it or not. Since we aren’t a Nielsen household, watching or not watching wouldn’t matter in terms of its ratings.

I’ve decided not to watch. It will be the first Convention on either side that I’ve not watched in a good many years. I’m actually a little sad I’m skipping it. Rarely do I agree on any of the Republican platform or policies, and I definitely do not agree with any of the trumpism platform or policies. To be blunt, no human with a heart or common sense could ever support trumpism.

In the past when I’ve watched, it has been to see what I must fight against. To discover what I need to write my elected officials to urge them to vote against, or for. And to feel like a fully informed voter.

This year, I just can’t watch four days full of hate, vitriol, and lies.

I can’t watch a white supremacist spout how there are good people on both sides.

I can’t watch them play out the riots as being part of the peaceful protests and being indignant about Black Lives Matter.

I can’t watch another round of blaming Obama and Clinton for the current ills of our nation.

I can’t watch bragging about a wall that isn’t being built and has fallen over by some wind.

I can’t watch the excitement of the stock market when it is an illusionary assessment of the economy, and has nothing to do with how most people are fairing.

I can’t watch someone illegally using government buildings as a backdrop to a corrupt administration, and no “Republican” has the good conscience to stand up and speak out against it.

I can’t watch a self-professed billionaire playing the victim because people don’t like him and feel he should be held accountable for his actions and words.

I can’t watch the lies about COVID-19, about testing, about the economy, about a vaccine, about treatments, about foreign affairs, about just everything as telling the truth doesn’t seem to be something trumpists are capable of doing.

So instead, I will make contributions to several democrats in key races around the country. I will seek to volunteer to send postcards to potential voters. I will find out how to become a “taxi” for people needing a ride to the polls. I will find out if there is an organization that is planning on taking water and food to precincts trying to suppress voting by have voters wait inordinarily long in line. I will write my two senators expressing my thoughts on the postal service sabotage occurring right now and they need to take action to support the postal service. I will respond to Tweets and posts spewing lies and propaganda to try and counteract it.

Essentially, I will do just about anything other than giving the trumpists any attention. They haven’t earned my attention, and I hope they haven’t earned yours either.

Let’s be a little more productive this week as we boycott the TNC. I invite you to join me in doing at least one thing to help Biden/Harris get elected, along with other Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

Together we can!

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