What a Roll Call!

What a moving Roll Call the Democrats did last night as they tallied the votes from each state! How often do we get to see the vastness, the diversity, the beauty of our Nation in such a short time?

The use of backgrounds to show the nature of states.

Seeing art as story.

Remembering those who we’ve lost, but moved our nation forward, like featuring the parents of Matthew Shepard.

Being reminded of how our military hero’s have been vilified by the man in the Oval Office in featuring Khizr Khan whose son died in Iraq.

Seeing the shout out of the importance of Black women in the Democratic Party.

To the celebration of the many cultures, the tapestry each of us weaves to make the quilt we call home.

It didn’t matter that some of the Roll Call designees had been recorded earlier or were live. We got to see one another in ways we wouldn’t have been able to do at a normal convention.

If the Twitter verse is any indication, the Roll Call format hit it out of the park. In fact, I believe the majority of us would prefer to see this type of Roll Call in the future.

The format helped bring us together as one for just a short time. Something we have been missing, and craving, for the last three and a half years.

Thank you for helping us to have a fleeting moment of feeling good, of feeling real joy!

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