What is Your Red Line?

As a person living in the United States, watching our Democracy, our Republic, our way of life slipping exponentially away, with all of our politicians letting it occur, I’ve been wondering what is your red line? What is it this administration will do that you personally will say enough is enough, and will speak out and stand up?

It wasn’t when they gave a tax break to the billionaires, adding trillions to our national debt, because I guess you actually think you might be a billionaire one day.

It wasn’t when they banned people of Muslim faith from entering or immigrating from mostly Muslim countries, because the whole of the Muslim faith was behind 9/11.

It wasn’t when they confined, then tore children from the parents of families seeking asylum, because apparently anyone who speaks Spanish as a first language are all part of a gang, are rapists, and are murderers, plus it’s not our children.

It wasn’t when they banned transsexual people from the military, because apparently they wouldn’t be able to handle a gun, follow orders, or might attack someone in the shower.

It wasn’t when he pardoned or commuted the sentences of racists, because there are good people on both sides.

It wasn’t when Republican Senators chose not to hear witness testimony during the impeachment trial, because they can make up their mind without expert testimony—they know best.

It wasn’t when this administration went on a retaliatory rampage firing anyone who wasn’t loyal to him during the impeachment process, including a decorated member of the military.

It wasn’t when this administration has told over 20,000 lies, because everyone lies.

It wasn’t when this administration failed, and continues to fail, to do anything of consequence in the fight against COVID-19, leading to 165,000 deaths of mothers, brothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sons, sisters, daughters, because, “It is what it is.”

It wasn’t when this administration started to quickly kill the United States Postal Service to ensure mail-in and absentee ballots can not be delivered to voters, nor returned to be counted in a timely manner, because they will do anything to try and steal the election.

So I ask again, what is your red line that if this administration crossed, you would stand up and be heard? I really would like to know because it would seem any of these things would be enough to call for this administration to resign, or have him impeached and removed from office.

I for one, will continue to speak out here and on social media. I for one, will participate in peaceful protest. I for one, will continue to contact my elected officials at both the state and national level to let them know my opinion as one of their constituents. I for one, will continue to send letters to editors of papers. I for one, will vote this November for Biden/Harris.

I for one, will go to the polls, in person, in the middle of a pandemic, risk my life, to make my voice heard so my children, my grandchildren, and my grandchildren’s grandchildren can live in a free and open society in a Democratic Republic, that allows them the unalienable right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

What will you do?

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