I’ve Put It Out There, Finally

It took over two years to finally put words to paper. It took almost a year to finish those words. It took almost two months to muster the courage to share those words.

Writing this blog has been relatively easy compared to writing my first manuscript in the sense I’m not writing my blog for anyone in particular. I don’t have a preconceived notion of who is going to read it, or who I’d like to have read it. Every day I am actually amazed, and thankful, anyone from the United States, let alone Canada, Romania, Qatar, India, Mexico, Australia, and one of several other countries, even take a moment to read the thoughts I’ve put to electronic ink. Although I will admit, I am filled with some trepidation when there are readers from China or Russia, just because of the climate we live in. My hope is they are curious and benevolent readers.

Here, on this platform, the biggest challenge is what to write each day. It is always something that has been bothering me, something I’m wondering about, or something I enjoy a great deal and just want to share.

The book has been much different. It is more personal in the manner it speaks to who I believe myself to be as an educator, about how I facilitated trust and respect between myself and my students, and how I built trust and respect between myself and families. What I’ve written in my book are things I did in my classroom that worked 95% of the time because nothing works 100% of the time.

More frightening is putting myself out there as an expert. That what I have to offer might be of use to another educator, from first year teachers to veteran teachers.

I’ve entrusted three educators to review my words. They represent who I’ve worked with as a peer, as a colleague, as a supervisor, and who I have felt have been, and continue to be, my mentors and my friends. I know they will be straightforward and honest with their feedback, and they will do it with kindness, even if what they have to say is harsh.

As I await their thoughts, I am bracing for the worst, hoping for the best, and know it will be somewhere in between. My trust in them is implicit. In the end, I know they will guide me in the right, and best direction, for me.

One thought on “I’ve Put It Out There, Finally

  1. That is really cool news. It’s the process and you are engaging in it. You are not a novice. Your years of experience in Education, your various roles, and more importantly the devotion to your profession – makes you an expert. You must claim that title fully … with humility.

    You got this.

    ❤️ Yo Big Gay Mama

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