Canning Day 2

Short post today as it is late. Been canning since 3:30 this afternoon.

The peaches, as I said yesterday, would be ready today. And, they were.

Wasn’t sure, as always, if I’d have enough to do everything I wanted. And, as always, there were leftovers, even after sharing a few peaches with the neighbors.

Cooling in the kitchen are peach chutney, fruit cocktail, peach and jalapeño pepper jelly, peach and pepper chili sauce, peach syrup, and one other thing that is eluding me right now. After making the jelly and the syrup, I need to add a jelly press to my equipment. The cheese cloth just wasn’t, in my humble opinion, cutting it this evening.

A HUGE thank you to my husband for his help this evening! He washed just about everything I had used to make the recipes as I finished with the many dishes and utensils needed this evening.

Just another reminder to me that I married well!

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