24 Hours Later

Yesterday, I was not in a good place. Although I had wished it was just me feeling such anger, it is comforting to know I am not alone in my feelings.

Although nothing has actually changed from yesterday, I am in a better place. I’m in that better place due to the support of family and friends, and because of a comment I received on my post of yesterday.

When checking my blog stats, I saw a comment. Although I welcome all comments, I don’t get a lot of them. That is actually fine as they aren’t expected, and makes each one extra special.

A mom of a former student from far too many years ago, reached out to say what I had written resonated with her. She wished my family well. Then signed off with her name, putting her son’s name after to remind me of who’s mom she was (this wasn’t needed, but it did bring back memories of how helpful she, and many parents from that group of students, were that year).

It also brought back the memory of running into her and my former student, along with sister, in the Oakland Airport (I’m pretty sure this was the airport). Talk about serendipity! Her son, my former student, was all grown up into a fine young man. Our students grow up, but in our minds, since we don’t see them growing, remain the age we last saw them.

As an educator, since we don’t deal in products, we often don’t get to see how our students are doing later in life, how they grow, and into what do they grow. We operate under faith we are doing the right thing, that our small period of time with them have lasting effects, and hoping those effects are positive.

Because we only have a student for a short period of time, it is always a most pleasant surprise when we run into the student and/or their families out of the blue. Although you may need to remind us, especially if we were your kindergarten teacher, because most students do look different at 18 than at age five, we will always remember our time with you.

I hope our families and students know we often think of them, usually fondly, even if you were a little (or a lot) challenging during our time together. We worry about them, pray for them, and hope they have long happy lives.

Thank you Cori for your comment today. I’m sorry we are both feeling angry over the state of things, but at least we are in good company. Tell Ben, and the rest of the family, hello!

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