Explain so a Five-Year-Old Would Understand

When I don’t quite understand something, I often say, talk to me like I’m a five-year-old.

I wish someone would explain what is happening in the U.S. to me like I’m a five-year-old.

I don’t understand how the man in the Oval Office is still there after the lies, the harassment, the lack of mental fortitude or clarity, the law-breaking, the absence of morals and ethics, the raiding of the national treasury, and the all-around cruelty he has exhibited.

I don’t understand how the former Republican Party can idly stand by, and even be complicit, in the blatant defiance of political norms and the Constitution. How is it they are completely fine with the total destruction of our Democracy, our Republic? How is it they turn a blind-eye to the police and para-military brutality being waged against Americans? Why are they such cowards and two-faced, saying one thing in private, but another in public?

I don’t understand why Democrats continue to roll-over in the face of what is happening around them, which the man in the Oval Office has commanded. Why aren’t they continually holding hearings on his crimes? Why aren’t they withholding funding when a government worker refuses to testify before them? Why aren’t they withholding funding for agencies waging war against Americans on American soil? Why aren’t they improving their messaging to the masses about what is happening? Why aren’t they impeaching again? Why are they always all talk and no action? Why aren’t they protecting the few brave men and women stepping forward with the truth about this administration? Why are they not subpoenaing the manuscripts of these tell-all books being published left and right to use as evidence?

I don’t understand how so many people in our country can be so hoodwinked as to believe the man in the Oval Office is doing a good job. That they think he is worthy of being in the Oval Office for four years, let alone eight. How can they follow him when he has cost them their jobs? How can they follow him when his lack of leadership has caused over 140,000 people to die and untold thousands living with the consequences of COVID-19, perhaps for a lifetime? How can they be so ignorant as to ignore the science and doctors around them?

I don’t understand why the press, the media, continue to freely give the man in the Oval Office air time to expound his lies, misrepresentations, and juvenile behavior. How is it they continue to repeat the same mistakes exhibited in the last presidential election cycle? How is it they don’t ask tough questions over and over, with tough follow-ups until answers are given that actually make sense? Why do they essentially eat their own by refusing to stand united in the treatment towards themselves and colleagues?

I don’t understand why civil servants are not coming forward on a monthly, a weekly, a daily, an hourly basis to expose the lies and lawlessness exhibited by the man in the Oval Office. Why are they not coming forward? Why aren’t people of good conscience coming forward to expose the man in the Oval Office and his enablers?

I don’t understand.

Please, can someone explain it to me like I’m a five-year-old.

I want to understand.

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