Now I Might Have to Rethink Walmart

I am not a Walmart fan.

Over my lifetime I may, may have shopped at Walmart maybe a total of 10 times, mainly the one close to my mom because there really isn’t that much around her, and once near where I live now because it was the only place that had a home blood pressure reader.

I have seen their effects in pushing other business out-of-business. I have friends and family who have worked for them, stating how they were treated (or mistreated) with no benefits, low wages, and inconsistent scheduling.

When cities and towns successfully lobbied to keep them out of their locales, I applauded whole-heartedly.

And now they go and do this…

Walmart has mandated a mask must be worn when shopping in their stores nationwide. The first grocer, that I’m aware of, to do so nationwide. An excellent kudo’s to them, but dang it, I might have to like them a little now, even if they are late to the party with COVID-19 now going rampant again.

I may even have to go shopping there while this is in effect as a show of support for this decision. They still have a long way to go in their business and community practices to earn my business in any major way outside this decision.

But, I will give credit where credit is due.

Thank you Walmart for doing the right thing! May others now follow your lead.

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