One-half Bushel of Peach Truck Peaches

When I think about a half-bushel, I always think, “That’s not too many peaches!” Then, when I have them out on a table, a half-bushel looks a little more daunting. Then, when I have to start peeling them, a half-bushel looks very daunting!

The Peach Truck came through last week and I picked up my first order (yes, I just said first order), for the season. I’ll get another half-bushel next month on their final trip through Indiana. After my evening of canning, freezing and setting aside a few, I definitely need to start planning out what I’ll do with the next half-bushel.

Here is what I was able to squeeze out of the first half-bushel of the season:

  • Eight peaches for my family to eat (I don’t like peaches with the skin on).
  • Four for a neighbor to eat because they like them and that is what neighbors do.
  • Four quarts of sliced peaches in syrup.
  • One peach pie.
  • One peach cake.
  • Eight pints of peach jam (roughly),
  • Two peaches for Richard to use in some peach pico de Gallo (most tasty).
  • Plus a little left over to snack on.

I also canned four pints of applesauce since I had the canner out anyway.

If the Peach Truck comes your way, I highly recommend you order a half-bushel. They are the juiciest peaches I’ve ever tasted!

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