Peaches, Peaches, Peaches

It was an exciting day! The Peach Truck was in town to deliver the first batch of peaches for the season.

My time to pick up was 8:00, but I arrived around 7:40. They had already started letting people pick up orders. I was there and back in less than 30-minutes. Thankfully my supervisor allowed me flexibility in my office hours today, and the process of getting the peaches was so quick. One just had to walk up, show the QR code proof of purchase, and walk away with my box of peaches, and my new all about peaches cookbook. This is how efficient all things should work!

A few days ago I started brushing up on canning and freezing a half-bushel of peaches. Last year I was able to make a couple of peach cakes, a peach pie, several pints of preserves (which we are just finishing now), and still had a few to eat.

Since I have another batch, I think a full bushel, coming in August, more of these will go to eating as the next batch will be more for freezing and canning. The freezing for pies, the canning will be more preserves/jam and some in syrup to just eat or heat to have for dessert, might even purée a few to make peach ice cream.

Thank you Peach Truck!

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