A Challenge to Remain Godly

Social media is a good, and a bad, thing. It can suck me right down a rabbit hole in nothing flat. I check on friends, check on blog stats, check on politics, check on the news of the day, and check on family. It is the politics and the news of the day, and sometimes family, that challenges my Godliness.

Each time I read about a rally, or an armed militia protest, or young people having COVID parties, or people crying foul over having to wear a mask, or the man in the Oval Office and his cult members working hard to divide and demean us, my thoughts are not the most Godly.

I have to check myself from wishing them ill for the decisions they are making that will negatively affect themselves, their families, and the rest of America.

I have to check myself from wishing harm to our policy makers who refuse to do the jobs we elected them to do.

I have to check myself from wanting to get in someone’s face about not wearing a mask to help protect us all.

I have to check myself a lot these days. I’m praying a lot more than I have in the past to give me strength. To remember to love my neighbor as myself. To not judge others lest I be judged. To remember there is a time for everything.

It is a challenge to remain Godly in these trying times!

Am I the only one feeling this way?

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