A Nice Turnout

Our neighborhood Social Committee had a Meet and Greet this evening. We had to reschedule from Saturday due to severe thunderstorms that came through that morning.

For a first event, it was pretty well attended. It was nice to more formally meet many of the neighbors we’ve seen from afar as we walk the dog. There was a nice mix of people. One of the things I enjoy about our little part of the world is the diversity of people who live here.

We were able to get to know one another, commiserate with some of the things needing done around the neighborhood, and share how we all ended up in this development. It was surprising to continue to find out so many of us arrived here from other states.

One of the nicest things to see though were the young children getting to know one another after being cooped up at home for so long. They were keeping a pretty good social distance and still figuring out ways to play and socialize. Children are so resilient and tend to go with the flow. A nice example for all us adults to follow.

Conversations also revolved around our children, working from home, and how we are all surviving and adapting to our current circumstances. All of us worked to be as safe as we could with social distancing, having the event outside and hand sanitizer available.

Thank you to my fellow Social Committee members and to all who were able to attend. Nice to put names to faces, kids to parents, and people to houses.

Can’t wait to see you all at the next event!

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