A Heartfelt Pampered Chef Thank You!

Although our air conditioning went out sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning, the day still wasn’t too bad.

The day started by being able to sleep in a little, which is always nice.

Then I had decided last night to make some scones today. After finding my scone cookbook (yes, I have a cookbook for just about anything), buttermilk with craisins jumped out at me. My scone pan is for 16 mini-scones. Thank goodness I weighed out the total dough and divided by 16. Otherwise I might not have had enough for each well. My visual estimating when it comes to spatial things just isn’t a strength.

After waiting for the house to cool a little, I made some bread. Even with the bread maker out of commission, I’m still trying to make a loaf (need to get the bread book a friend recommended) rather than buying bread. Oh, by the way, I did get a compliment on the newly tried hamburger buns. I may try bread flour next time though to see if they come out a little lighter.

Made my first harvest from the gardens. The butter ball lettuce, Paris white lettuce, two beets, and a jalapeño pepper were ready to be harvested. There was a lot of lettuce, so I found a recipe to pickle it and use as a side, or in a salad. Can’t wait to try it. Some was set aside for sandwiches or regular salad too.

Today also marked the end of my Pampered Chef Party. I want to give a special thanks to Jennifer for all of her support this week, and for hosting a demo party for us. Throughout the week I’ve gotten to know friends, family, and neighbors better through humorous and fun ways. Plus I got a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing to try as well (a big hit in our house the last couple of days).

I invite each of you to think about throwing a party of your own. Please reach out to me and I’ll reach out to Jennifer for you, or you can reach out to her directly, if you’d like to throw a Pampered Chef Party. I highly recommend it and the things a host can get make it worthwhile in addition to the fun with friends and family. Make sure to invite me as I’m sure I’ll find something I can order to support you as you’ve supported me.

A big huge grand thank you to everyone who was able to place an order.

Because of your generosity I was able to meet my goal to be able to order an air fryer, and the husband is getting the Ultimate Soup & Smoothie Blender to make his beloved red chili sauce (which the family enjoys as well). I can’t wait to use my new toys. Hopefully you had fun, and again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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