Down a Rabbit Hole

Have you ever been doing something, usually on the Internet, and you look up to see two hours, or more, has passed? Happens to me more than I care to admit. This evening was one of those times.

I’m currently hosting a Pampered Chef Party. I love their products and have many. It is the first time I’ve hosted, although I have wanted to do so for many years. I guess all the planets were aligned when I said I’d host this one.

It has been a lot of fun. My friend Jennifer is the Pampered Chef Representative. She has made the party fun with a mix of questions, recipes and comments with all of us in the party group. I’ve learned a few new things about my friends and neighbors who have joined with me. Along with that new information, I’ve also learned a few movies, cakes, and foods I need to try.

I know I’ll be able to choose some products and get some discounts—creating my wish list was the rabbit hole I went down—and it is the fun and interacting with so many people who have impacted my life that has been the icing on the cake.

The party group has friends from school (going all the way back to elementary), some are family, others are former coworkers, along with former staff members and fellow educators. All have been a positive influence, taught me some lessons as a supervisor and peer, and pushed me to be a better person.

It isn’t the products I’m most excited about this week in the party, and there is excitement for products, it is those moments of laughter and joy of getting to know the people better.

Thanks everyone and see you at the party!

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