Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to each and every person who fills the role of dad in someone’s life! I hope you were acknowledged for all you do and had a fantastic loving day!

My day was pretty low-key.

It started out by sitting on the new patio and roof. I always like the quiet of the morning to read as the sun is coming up. Sometimes the dog sits with me. Sometimes I have a cup of coffee. This morning I just had myself and the lightly falling rain hitting the patio roof as I settled into the Washington Post.

While reading, I received a surprise phone call from my dad. I let him know I was pleasantly surprised, and he said the surprise call was my Father’s Day present from him. Gladly accepted I told him.

Spent a nice FaceTime call with my mom. We check in every Sunday to make sure we are both still alive and as sane as possible. Henrietta the chicken even made a guest appearance during the chat, as did my nephew (who made the university Dean’s List this past quarter!).

Then a great steak lunch prepared by my husband. It was marinated and grilled just right, with the juices flowing out and a great taste of the marinade when biting into the fat. It was rounded out with baked potatoes, sour cream and chives, and corn. Followed by a delicious home-baked chocolate chip cookie made by our neighbor for us for Father’s Day—I may actually have had two🤷🏼‍♂️.

Next it was off to Costco. My husband had seen some chairs that might go in our living room on our trip this past Friday. We almost thought they had sold out as they weren’t where we expected at first glance. They had been moved against the wall. After trying one out for comfort, we decided to get two to allow a little more flexible seating for us and guests. We also found a nice outdoor rug for the new patio.

The fun really began then. I’m participating in two summer book clubs. The assignments had been posted so I had to read several chapters for each to be ready for discussions. It was fine though. There was a fine light rain falling and a little cooler on the patio. The dog kept me company while reading, keeping me on task.

A short nap was in order after all that reading.

Then many things hit at once. I was starting to make bread when our oldest asked to FaceTime. He has a knack for calling just as I’m about to bake something. I guess he has a sense of what he’s going to be missing, and calls so no one else might have any either. We had decided to order out, so was also trying to round up orders too while FaceTiming with him, our grandson, and his girlfriend. The Papa’s happened to check in about FaceTiming as well right then. Luckily they were able to wait a few minutes while everything else got wrapped up. I told them I was in the “in between.” In between a number of things happening right at that very moment.

Finished the call with our son, finished the order for dinner, finished a nice call with the Papa’s, but never did get back to the bread. I’ll try again in the morning for it. It gives me an excuse to stand up, and walk around, while at work for a stretch. Otherwise I’d sit all day.

Oh, forgot to say we did the card exchange at lunch as well. Always intrigued to see what the cards will say each year. And, I got a nice surprise present from the husband. We usually don’t exchange presents on Father’s Day. It was a deviled egg plate I had told him I’d like for my birthday I saw at the Hallmark store. I guess my birthday came a little early this year! Thank you hubby!

All and all, a pretty good Father’s Day.

I hope yours was a good one too.

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