So Out of Shape, It’s Not Funny!

The dethatching of the front yard has begun! The new dethatching rake is like a little miracle. I can really tell the difference in the grass where I’ve used it.

Sadly, I’ve only finished a very small section of the yard. The first day, I finished about six feet of grass before I had to call it quits. I was tired, muscles aching, and sweating bullets after that short section. This rake really catches the ground and all the detritus that has been accumulating in the grass. Once the thatch is gone, the grass is standing more at attention, and it should be able to drink water better along with breathing better.

Yesterday, I was able to finish that first row. I’ve divided the yard into rows in my head. Each day I’ve moved a brick marker so I know about where I left off the previous day. I’ve been surprised by how much detritus I’m pulling up after just a year of growth. My debris bag is filling up fast. Good thing I bought more the other day.

Today, I was able to do a full row across the yard before having to call it quits. This time I did wait until it was a little cooler outside, which may have helped a bit. It was a little easier to pull the rake too.

Tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to finish two rows. If I can keep increasing what I do each day, maybe I’ll actually have it finished before the first frost! By the time the whole front yard, and the back yard are finished, I’m pretty sure I’ll have the body of Charles Atlas.

In the end, I hope it helps the grass be a little greener and a lot healthier.

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