Thatch Rake

Today was the day I discovered there was such a thing as a thatch rake. Or at least what the funny looking rake I’ve seen at the hardware store was called and its use.

Our backyard is better this year than last. I’m not having to go out after dinner and pull weeds for a couple of hours. It took me almost a month to get it cleared last summer. Luckily I was able to see the daily progress and how good the yard looked after each weeding session. Had that not been the case, I’m not sure I could, or would have finished. It just seemed so daunting when I began.

The front yard is doing better, but is starting to show signs of distress. The backyard I’ve resigned to knowing it will take several years to fill in. With the front yard being sod, I wouldn’t have expected its current condition to arrive so quickly. I’ve fertilized on schedule, watered consistently, and tried not to mow it too short.

Watering correctly is my next project as my research has shown over watering can be as detrimental as under watering. With our dirt being clay, it doesn’t absorb water as fast, and it is quite compact. I tried to measure the moisture quickly based on a quick hack, using a screwdriver, I saw on the Internet. I couldn’t even get the screwdriver to hardly go into the ground.

Thatch also looks to be an issue. Which is how I found out about the Thatch Rake. In the past, I’ve used a plain leaf rake. Discovered today the leaf rake will work in a pinch, but won’t really cut through, and lift up, the thatch. Plus this special rake looks like it will do the job much faster as well.

I also found out the best grass to plant and when. The Thatch Rake is two-sided. One side for thatching, the second has tines like a mini-plow. When one wants to plant grass seed, running that side of the rake can help create the loose dirt needed for the seeds to fair better. Grass planting will be an August-September project though.

With my newfound knowledge, it looks like I’ll be making a trip to Menard’s tomorrow. I need to get a Thatch Rake, a moisture meter, and some lawn bags. There’s going to be a lot of thatch and it has to go somewhere. Just wish Avon would compost the plant debris rather than adding it to the landfill.

To end today, I want to give a shout out to my good friend Lisa and her husband Jeff. They are celebrating 41 years of marriage today. Congratulations to one of the best couples, and best people, I know!

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