How to Win Friends and Influence People

Have you heard the news? The man in the Oval Office is working his special magic again to win new friends and influence more people.

Today, his administration finalized a rule that had protected the LGBTQ community, and could now severely hinder health care for transgendered people.

So, during his first, and hopefully only, term in office, he has alienated women because of how he speaks about them, to them, along with believing it is okay to manhandle them because he is a so-called celebrity. That could be roughly 51% of the population and electorate.

Over the past year, he has alienated many parents who happen to be LGBTQ by supporting adoption agencies as they discriminate against LGBTQ people who have adopted, or want to adopt. Children in which heterosexuals were deemed unfit to raise. That’s about 19% (in 2011) of the LGBTQ community, in which he didn’t really have a lot of support. But, what he forgets is that means he has also alienated a bit of that 19%’s family and extended family, which is a much larger number.

In the past three months, he has alienated the more senior of our population over his handling, or rather lack thereof, the Coronavirus. He really seems to have forgotten a large percentage of voters over 65 vote more conservatively and are more likely to actually get to the polls to vote. That is about one in seven Americans as of 2016, which translates into about 15% or 49 million people.

In the past two weeks (although it started a long time ago), he has alienated, particularly the black community, but also people of color in general, with his stance on how to (mis)treat lawful peaceful protestors. This means another 13% of the population no longer supports, or feel more strongly against the man in the Oval Office. If all people of color are included, that number jumps to 40%.

Compare all those numbers to white men only comprising about 31% of the population (as of 2014). How does the man in the Oval Office think he can win with such a small percentage of the population (if we take voter intimidation and suppression out of the mix).

If I were advising the man in the Oval Office, I’d tell him now is the time to resign. That is, unless he wants to be known as a Loser in November 2020, when the 69% who aren’t white men, especially when there are white men who are progressive and Democrats, vote him out?

Unless he wants to be one of the few people elected to the Office of President, who are one-term Presidents, and to see what it feels like when the American people say, “You’re fired,” it is time to resign. Use whatever lie you need, since you are an excellent liar, to resign. No one of sound mind with critical thinking skills will mind at all. In fact, that would be one way to earn the support of so many good people on both sides. Resign and you will have the best ratings of any person ever elected to sit in the Oval Office.

Earn our adulation. Step down. Resign! Do it today before you hear the American electorate yell the loudest we’ve ever shouted…

You’re Fired!

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