Law(less) and (Dis)order(ly) President

The man in the Oval Office wants us to believe he is the law and order president.

Take a moment.

Let that sink it. The law and order president!

Are you laughing, crying, raging, sighing, sulking, or shaking your head in disbelief? (By the way, if you are saying he is a law and order president, then you I’m pretty certain you are a trumpist.)

He is really a lawless and disorderly president.

Throughout his term, as a lawless president, he has:

  • lied,
  • enriched himself by charging the American taxpayers for him using his properties (Bezos, Trump or Zuckerman are not examples of American taxpayers),
  • encouraged police to rough up prisoners,
  • ignored subpoenas for documents,
  • told staff to ignore subpoenas,
  • misused the powers of the pardon,
  • refused to meet for, essentially, a disposition,
  • ordered the gassing, and shooting of rubber bullets towards, peaceful protesters,
  • tried to bribe a foreign government, and
  • retaliated against those who lawfully testified before Congress and followed whistleblower laws.

As you can see, very lawless.

As a disorderly president, throughout his term, he has:

  • encouraged white supremacists,
  • lied,
  • encouraged violence,
  • called political adversaries names,
  • put down female reporters,
  • called COVID-19 the Chinese Virus,
  • bellied-up with dictators,
  • accused a 75-year-old man of being a terrorist,
  • retweeted conspiracy theories,
  • ignored a growing pandemic (still ignoring too),
  • pitted states against one another over PPE, and
  • placed blame everywhere except where it belongs.
  • As you can see, very disorderly.
  • If the press wanted to actually be honest in how to report about an authoritarian, an immature and petty man, a corrupt president, whenever referring to the man in the Oval Office, they would describe him as the lawless and disorderly president.
  • Telling the truth, not with a spin, but with woke truth, would help to begin regaining the trust of many people.
  • Feel free to begin anytime.
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