When Will the Democrats Ever Learn?!

The Democrats haven’t learned. Again!

Words matter! We live in a society bombarded with slogans, acronyms, and emojis. Any of these can be turned into a political ad within hours, if not minutes. Words resonate and have meanings, and there aren’t as many people anymore who take the time to stop and reflect on what a word really means.

Take the word defund. Defund which means to prevent from continuing to receive funds. To the every day working people, the laymen, the backbone of our country, that means to take money away from or not give money at all.

When I hear the word defund the police, even knowing what defund means and what the intent is, I still have a negative reaction to hearing “defund the police.”

There are so many other words that could have been used, such as withhold, divert, cut back, better manage, reallocate, demilitarize or even tighten the police budget. Those would not have had the visceral reaction as the word defund. Any of these alternatives would have actually better explained what the intentions are in giving less money to police and why.

Defund makes it sound as if no monies will go towards police departments and law enforcement. Heavens knows there are issues, major issues, with law enforcement agencies and police departments across the country. We have seen how they treat us when they are held to account.

And you know what, we still need police officers along with the reforms, accountability, and a huge shift back to the philosophy and practice of protect and serve.

Right now Joe Biden is ahead, many Democratic candidates across the country are doing well, and in some cases, much better than expected. We actually might win a majority in the Senate, maintain the majority in the House, and take back the White House. But…

But… If the mantra becomes defund the police, all of them become less likely to be elected. The word defund, no matter how Democrats and talking heads may try to explain the word to voters, the word has a negative connotation, and no amount of explaining will fix an emotional reaction to the word defund.

Democrats! I implore you! STOP giving the Trumpists the sound bites they need to be re-elected. They are much better at messaging right now than you are, and they are much much better and have more practice than you in how to play the media through diversion, hyperbole, and shock value. On this playing field Democrats have a lot to learn, the learning curve steep, and a short time to develop a counter attack strategy.

Using the word defund, and the term defund the police, is not helping.

Please, please, shift gears and terms immediately.

That is, unless you want to lose in November.

Your choice, your words, your consequences.

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