COVID-19 Has Ended

If you are watching the TV tube, you see all sorts of reports saying new cases and deaths due to COVID-19 are holding steady overall. You will also see the curve is rising, and in some cases rising dramatically in some states (Google Arizona). Reputable reporters, commentators, and journalists are sounding the alarm.

Unfortunately, I don’t know that too many people are listening. I believe many people think the crisis is either over, or just don’t care and want to get on with their lives.

I say COVID-19 must be over because of what I saw on the drive to visit with my mom.

In stopping at a roadside rest, there were very few of us wearing masks to protect one another and some people didn’t even bother to wash their hands. Driving by campgrounds across several states, they are overflowing and definitely not keeping social distancing, nor wearing masks. In driving by a motocross track, campers and people were packed in like sardines, and you guessed it, nary a mask to be seen. Even at a restaurant only offering take-out, the very long line of people coming for food were not practicing social distancing or wearing any masks. The largest of course, are the protests, which are very necessary and I support, and I also worry as I see about half the people not wearing masks, and definitely very little, if any , social distancing.

It almost seems as if people heard, “We are fully open for business!,” when in fact, the statement was, “We are going to begin opening things up in a phased and systematic way.” People heard what they wanted to hear.

I worry this will mean we will have a large surge of cases soon, once again overwhelming hospitals in far flung places, which will mean we may also, once again, have to hunker down at home under even more severe restrictions.

As with most of us, I too want to be able to give my mom a hug, visit with friends around the dinner table, or go see a movie or eat out, without worrying am I spreading or receiving COVID-19. However, until the science says we can, and the numbers bear it out, I’m going to wear my mask for the safety of others and keep up my social distancing.

I’m also going to plan ahead. I’m off to stock up on toilet paper.

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